Thursday Thoughts

•    I wish I had an endless travel budget. If I did I would go here and here a lot. And here too.
•    Saw this on another blog – it’s my new exercise plan.
•    One Republic’s song is pretty good.
•    Hey Melinda told me a good way to get rid of moles (in your yard not on your skin) is to use Juicy Fruit gum. Because I can’t believe Melinda most of the time – does anyone have any good PROVEN ways? By the way – the Juicy Fruit is worth a try.
•    I have been drinking Gatorade a lot this week. Just FYI.
•    I saw two possum’s this morning walking down the street. It was 8am – so I am guessing they are rabid. Possum’s are the most disgusting creature God ever made and it is things like this that make me think – “GOD? Seriously? Why?”
•    Think I might rent a movie this weekend…let’s see….
•    Thinking our weekend plans consist of cleaning our house. Sometimes I am actually really excited for doing this – I am this time. NOT because our house is dirty just because I like moving stuff around.
•    Mike hit it home last Sunday with an awesome message on our responsibility to LOVE GOD FIRST. I am excited this week ‘cause Jackson is giving his first message at GracePoint. I have heard him before – he’s pretty good.
•    Speaking of our current Love God. Love People. series – the shirts turned out pretty stinkin awesome. Remember to pick one up at the Point this Sunday at GracePoint – OR – contact me and we’ll see if we can get you one.


One thought on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Terry – Dude, that exercise video is on the line between hilarity and creepiness! LOL.

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