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Uncontacted tribe located

The story posted on Survival International‘s website today gives the low-down. Pretty cool for missionaries – but sad for others.


Be a good neighbor

Friday is my day off. I get to spend time with Owen – today I have been spending time on the internet because Owen has learned how to watch TV … okay just kidding … sort of… we are outside. He is finding bugs while I surf around. Had some more thoughts today that I had to share…Maybe someday I will actually post some content-worthy stuff.

Is it okay to mow the yard at 6:30 in the morning? Don’t know? Go ask my neighbor who was up doing it this morning…In Mike Snow fashion…”I would like to punch him in the throat”. It might have been a woman, but I don’t know and I wouldn’t hit women. There is some definite neighborhood etiquette that should be followed. My suggestions:

  1. Don’t call your neighbor before 8am or after 8pm unless their house is burning down or a tornado is coming and you would like to share their basement.
  2. Same hours apply to housework outdoors – maybe mowing a little before 8 is okay – but 6 flippin thirty in the morning – that’s RIDIC! Same goes with construction, saws, jackhammers, cranes, etc. Maybe you could let them know the day before that this is going on and warn them.
  3. If your car has bass or a loud muffler – move to an apartment complex. We move to a neighborhood for peace and quiet – not to listen to your car in the morning.
  4. If you are going to have a party and not invite me – cancel it.
  5. Wave at least once a week.
  6. Don’t send me letters saying you are wanting money for a cause. I don’t know you and even though you are older than my grandpa – I probably won’t give you money…would you give me money. Yeah didn’t think so.
  7. If you are going to landscape…seek advice. Pampas grass is stupid so don’t use it. Bradford Pear trees are going to break – so save your money, and zeroscaping your yard so you don’t have to mow is going to kill your resale value. Just a few thoughts.
  8. Does your dog run really need to be closer to my house than yours?
  9. Introduce yourself several times. They are definitely going to forget your name.
  10. If you wouldn’t take your shirt off at the pool – don’t do it when mowing.

That’s all for now – Owen is eating bugs. Have anything to add?

Thursday Thoughts

  • I am freaked out today. I have seen the same aquatic painted truck twice today on different sides of town. I am thinking there is only one old Mazda truck with a dolphin painted on it. Either they are FBI, a hitman, or just work and live by me but it is weird.
  • One Prayer starts next Sunday. It is going to be awesome to be able to join over 1100 other churches and nearly 750,000 other people in the same series to help bring unity to the church.
  • Go to to vote for a couple of your favorite movies from the past year…we want NEED your input!
  • Saw this the other day…what a cool way to transform something so ordinary into something so expensive.
  • My tree hasn’t collapsed with all of the storms this past week…fingers are still crossed…
  • Joshua Blankenship summed up my thoughts here. I am assuming he is talking about this one.
  • This is why I stopped using drugs in Middle School…(okay I never started). Thanks Matt Brunk!
  • Mike and I were having an at-length discussion the other day about how much we enjoy the early Summer weather and he invited me over to his house to enjoy the newly manicured yard and expensive lawn furniture that he picked up. This is what I saw when I drove up to his driveway.

Alright folks…have a great afternoon!


I am pumped for this weekend’s service. If you are in or near the Wichita area this Sunday – you need to check out at least one of our services. The music will be great, we will have a painter on stage painting during worship, and Mike is going to bring it. If you haven’t been to church in a while – this is the week to get here.

I love working at GracePoint. Our team is a tight group and there is a genuine care for each other. Working in church is hard but GP is a great environment to be in.

I am tired of picking up tree limbs out of my yard. Maybe if I would get someone to “clean-up” these trees it wouldn’t be a big deal but I can’t justify dropping close to a $1000 on trees when I could buy a tank of gas for that price.

The Grey’s Anatomy finale was pretty good. It has been a while since I watched it and actually got a little nervous. Yes, like Mike says, I have this strange fear of death. I hope I die in my sleep. I couldn’t imagine hearing a doctor tell me they were nervous or there is a potential that I would never wake up. I need to make a bucket list.

Rachel says that the American Idol finale (which she hates) is like a cooler choir concert – which means it is still lame….I didn’t know George Michael was still alive.

I have loved checking in each day on Pace Hartfield’s posts. Fellowship definitely is doing something right and this is a nice way to get a peak inside of their planning.

I saw a fight the other day…a real fist fight….(do you have a minute). A guy on a motorcycle cut a guy in an old Honda off by switching lanes. The Honda, which was in front of me, had to slam on their brakes. The Honda driver (we will call him Mr. Crazy) kept speeding up and slamming on his brakes in attempts to freak the guy out – it didn’t so when the one lane road finally went to two, Mr. Crazy got up and started chewing out Mr. calm motorcycle dude. By this time everyone was watching in the comfort of their cars and just thankful they weren’t on the bike. Mr. Calm decide to pull of into Kinko’s parking lot and the Honda, cut all of us off to follow. We were stuck at the light and about 7 of us were watching. Right before Mr. Calm walked into the store Mr. Crazy started yelling and getting into his face and then threw a punch. About then all of us reached for our phones to call (the police, our wives, or get a picture). I decided to let the guy die and I drove on to lunch with my lovely wife.

My wife says I eat when I am bored. I say I eat when I am hungry. She is probably right, from the looks of things – I am bored a lot.

Have a good Memorial Day!

Thursday Thoughts (a day late)

• I am so proud. Owen – my son loves chocolate milk. Don’t tell my wife! That just made my week.

• I spent 70 bucks on gas the other day. It is freaking ridiculous. I look around when I am at the gas station to talk to someone about it and just complain because I know they are thinking the same thing I am, but they all kind of just stare at the pump like zombies. Gas stations are weird places.

• My tree was cleaned up – now we wait nervously until the arborist comes to check it out. We think there is a weak side in it that might end up falling on our neighbor’s house. That would suck.

Mike offered up a challenge last Sunday and has been walking it out this week. It has been quite the buzz in the office this week. We want to as passionate about seeing people come to know Christ and get connected at a church like those that started the church 4 years ago.

• We are starting a new series Sunday – Canvas. I am pretty excited about it. We are going to have artists on stage throughout the series. We are still looking for some for June 1st if you are interested let me know.

• I love the RiverFestival. We are going tonight to the block party to see the band play and eat our weight in fried crap. It tastes good though!

• We found a bunny nest – well Britain (our dog) found it – in our backyard last week. We have about 100 rabbits in our backyard so new bunnies aren’t very uncommon – however our dog caught one and brought it up to the back door. We put it back (without touching it) and kind of put one of Owen’s slide thingy’s over it where the dog can’t get to them, but the momma bunny could. Yesterday we noticed that 3 of the 4 bunnies were dead. Kinda sad – but I have to remember – they are rodents!

• We are still looking for you favorite movie that came out in the last year. Let me know yours!

• Owen wants more chocolate milk – thata kid!

• In case you haven’t seen it – this is cool. It goes quite well with our canvas series coming up.

Why my church is cool…

Thought I would kick off another week with a reason why (as any kid here would put it) my church rocks…

My church rocks because even at the parade Ronald McDonald wants to hang with some of the coolest people on earth…

For more parade pictures check out Ronnie’s blog. Have a great day!

Freaky Friday

This is what we woke up to this morning…

That is my neighbors house – his car is actually pulled up beside the house. You can’t see because of the tree. From funky car problems to freaky tree falls – looks like my less-than-expected stimulus check is spent.

Thursday Thoughts

Last night I thought to myself – this week has dragged on! This afternoon I realized – it’s Thursday!

  • The nice rain storm left about an inch of water in my garage and half of my tree in my front yard yesterday. That was nice to deal with.
  • We are gearing up for RiverFestival this next week. We are involved with 3 events – we have a float in the parade tomorrow, our band is playing at the Block Party next Friday night, and they also have an awesome location for a concert before the fireworks next Saturday. If anyone is down there during these events, you should hunt down this guy – tell him you know me and he will give you some really cool stuff.
  • I have a good friend who is finally graduating from college in the next week or so. It is weird that he is done, but it is awesome that he is doing some amazing stuff for the Kingdom. Jim you rock – congrats man!
  • Picked up a great book yesterday from the Library – The Ten Faces of Innovation – so far so good. Thanks Tricia!
  • I have decided that I like vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup more than I like just regular chocolate ice cream. It was a breakthru week!
  • I tried the BBQ place I mentioned a few weeks ago. The meat was good – the rest was pretty mediocre. Bubba’s Nekked Barbeque is one of those places where you at least have to try twice to see if you REALLY like it. I think next time we are going to order just the meat to go.
  • Two songs I am really “digging” – Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis (not a huge fan of the Mariah Cary-like vocals, but the song itself is pretty cool) AND I Will Possess Your Heart by Death Cab.
  • Why is it I always see people yelling at themselves while waiting for the city bus. They are usually really ticked at themselves. I am waiting for the day I see someone beating himself up.
  • Everyone on staff (well with a few exceptions) were gone to conference this week. It has been fun to hear everyone’s experiences. I love the conference buzz – someday when we host a conference here I can be part of helping create the buzz.

Insights from a dying man (pt.1)

Picked up THE LAST LECTURE by Randy Pausch this weekend and finished it a day later. I never read books this fast, but this one was good. I actually cried a bit in it. For those that have never heard of Randy or his lecture check out the site or the video that started this whole thing. Throughout the book, I found some very impressive insights, both in leadership and just plain life. In Seth Godin-esque form, the chapters are very short and I dog-eared many of the pages in the book. It is a not a book of leadership necessarily, not a Christian devotional, and not necessarily heart-warming – but just challenging. Randy was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and, in short, is going to die soon. The lecture was given in September and has created quite the buzz. I would – if I could – copy many of the pages from the book to help highlight what I learned, but that would take forever. I have to admit that dying before I can experience the fullness of my life freaks me out and there are many nights I can’t fall asleep because I think of it…I honestly think this is where my hypochondriac tendencies come from. This book challenged me to make sure everything I do, I do for purpose.

So what are some of the take aways?

Chapter 13 – Be the REAL YOU – ALL THE TIME
Chapter 23 – Manage your time wisely (more on this later)
Chapter 32 – Don’t Complain, Just Work Hard
Chapter 34 – Don’t Obsess Over What People Think
Chapter 44 – Show Gratitude

I found a $20 today…

After dropping my explorer off at the mechanic to get the “hey my car won’t go into park” problem fixed, I found a $20 in the pocket of a pair of jeans I haven’t wore in a while. Kind of helped make my morning a little bit better. I like finding random money in my pocket….too bad it is not enough to fix my parking problem, but at least it wasn’t a transmission. It was caused by two little bolts that hold the steering column in place. One was completely off (laying on my floorboard) and the other was keeping everything in place by just two little threads. I guess I need to stop getting mad when I “throw” it into park.