My dog needs this…

For those of you who know Rachel and I very well, you have probably heard many a dog chasing stories. It seems as though I chase dogs (not storms) quite often. In fact I did so the other day in the rain and pea-sized hail. That was not cool. Someday I will get a chance to share these fun stories with you – like the time we put socks on her and her paws were swollen to the size of my feet. Or the time I swore she swallowed a tube of aspirin – or even better – my wife’s wedding ring.

In these great adventures of coming home to find the dog has pulled her tether from the yard and is no where to be found back there – I go on quite the quest hunting for her. If I had one of these I wouldn’t have to look for the fat beagle pulling a 20ft tether with branches, lawn furniture and small children behind her.



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