Thursday Thoughts

  • I like storms. I secretly want to be a storm chaser. I would love to drive this car.
  • Watched the trailer for this movie yesterday during Idol. It’s going to be funny. Thinking of movies you should head over to Brian’s blog and participate in his little survey. When he doesn’t have anything to blog about he likes to steal stuff from my area. That’s okay – this way we have a few more to vote. Thanks Brian.
  • A new barbeque joint opened up a few blocks from my house last week. It smells good. It definitely has a sticky name so it looks like we are going to have to walk over and check it out. I love a good barbeque.
  • I have noticed that the number one search engine phrase that lead people to this blog is “crazy spiders”. So I googled it and had to click the images tab. Sure enough – I am number 5. People google weird things.
  • I miss Dr. Pepper gum. So does my wife.
  • I have like 20 books I want to read and I can’t decide which one to choose from. I don’t usually like to read, but I have been really hungry to learn lately.
  • I mowed for the first time this season. Owen and Rachel helped too. It is kind of a weird feeling to get into it again. My neighbor mowed too – with his shirt off. Now that was weird.
  • Well look who joined us back in the blogosphere.
  • Kinda looking forward to the RiverFestival this year. I loved the Food Court and had a tradition when I worked at Asbury that I would go down with Aaron at least once…hey man if you read this – we got to keep it alive?
  • We opened our windows and turned off the furnace this week. This is definitely my favorite time of the year. I love the smell of our old house when the fresh air blows through – it reminds me of my grandma’s house (which ironically is kind of the same model and style as hers). Every now and then I really miss her.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Jim Henry says:

    I’m with you on the whole storm chaser thing. I’d love to ride in the TIV and see what kind of trouble I could find. I always feel a little more creative after watching an episode of Storm Chasers!

  2. Mike Snow says:

    Dude, Dawn and I would love to be storm chasers. If I can break away from blogging this spring, we should chase a few storms. Maybe we should make our own TIV.
    Did you take welding in high school? If you did, we can get started on our TIV next week.

  3. […] tried the BBQ place I mentioned a few weeks ago. The meat was good – the rest was pretty mediocre. Bubba’s Nekked Barbeque is […]

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