Sunday Night Procrastination

I can’t concentrate on the homework I have to get done. Mainly because my motivation this semester is slowly slipping. For those that don’t know – I decided to go back to school last year to get another degree – this one in graphic design. The main motivation for this is to gain more experience on the programs I am already familiar with but want to become an expert in them – AND – I want to graduate from a state school so that I have that example for my kids…I went to Bible School (FYI).

So as I procrastinate and the clock is ticking on when my online homework is due – thought I would share some thoughts from today…

  • We finished up the UFC series this morning. It was a perfect ending. The music was awesome. Was there birds in He Reigns?
  • Shelli’s story was POWERFUL. Thanks for sharing your story. I know that there will be many people challenged to forgive. Simply awesome.
  • Mike’s message was amazing. His stuff keeps getting better.
  • Ed’s stuff is definitely getting better. Today’s video was stinkin awesome! I will post it soon for those that didn’t see it. I am pumped for the next series.
  • The GP Membership event was tonight as well. It was fun to meet new people. I am glad to be part of a church that is real and engaging.

Time to get back to school!


One thought on “Sunday Night Procrastination

  1. Gil says:

    Based on the timing of when they showed up during He Reigns, those were either birds or the powers of darkness…

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