Thursday Thoughts…

Here they are in no particular order…

  • I have decided I really don’t like Car Dealership commercials. Especially this guy.  I feel bad that he is in other cities too. I should say that maybe it is not the guy I don’t like but the dealership for paying for that many commercials!
  • Bryson has the awesome opportunity to sit with 23 other pastors in a very intimate setting with the guys that make Granger run. Be praying for him that he gets MORE fired up and for us that he doesn’t come back with a ton of crazy ideas (just kidding).
  • I am getting excited for our upcoming series. It is one of my favorite topics ever – I will give a sneak peek later.
  • Had a lot of people comment on the house hunting post earlier this week. We haven’t picked one out yet – but I will let you know.
  • I guess Owen has been doing this for a few months now at grandma’s house but we just learned about it. I wonder what else he is doing over there….maybe using a toilet and having full conversations.
  • I miss playing LEGO’s.
  • I never really got into Nintendo when I was little. We had one – I like Atari back in the day too. Because I never played video games much I really never wanted a game system as an adult…Until Guitar Hero. I think it might be worth buying the system just for this game.
  • Rachel’s flowers are curling up…what to do next.
  • I recently read Made to Stick which was probably one of the best books I have read for a while. I always look for the messages that are sticky and it seems that this one is. It is pretty much a buzz topic now but it such a powerful story. BY THE WAY ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL STORIES YOU WILL EVER HEAR WILL BE SHOWN THIS WEEK AT GRACEPOINT. I know many of you have your own church, but if you can’t be there in person, you have to watch it on the web this week. We have had some amazing stories over the past few months and it shows that GracePoint is all about LIFE CHANGE.
  • Has anyone heard from Mike lately?

One thought on “Thursday Thoughts…

  1. nana says:

    What Owen does at the grandparent’s house stays at the grandparent’s house. Thats the deal he made with us for fixing the computor.

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