Our next BIG purchase

Rachel and I have been looking really hard at our budget lately and we have decided that we think it is time for us to possibly purchase a new house. We are kind of looking at our options – square footage and really making sure that it all fits within the price we think we could afford. We aren’t working with a realtor – yet – but with all of the home buying shows on TV, we think we have a pretty good direction of what we are looking at.

Here are the options we have narrowed down to:

1. The Front Porch Playhouse has about 16 sq. ft. Some of the amenities we like are the molded-in sink with swivel faucet and stove top and the covered porch not featured in the other models. The electronic doorbell and phone are nice just like the vaulted ceiling with skylight. The cost – is a little above budget at $300.

2. We also really like the Neat & Tidy Cottage. It has almost 12 sq ft. This model comes with a nice molded-in floor which features integrated drain holes for flooding. This model however is open on all four sides. It comes in under budget at $150.

We really like the builder of the first two homes – Step 2. They offer quality homes at somewhat of an affordable price.

The other models are from the Little Tikes builder – who actually make really nice vehicles like the Cozy Coupe previously mentioned in my blog.

3. The Picnic on the Patio Playhouse is about 18 square feet with a small kitchenette and picnic table and two benches. This house not only comes with doorbell and mail slot but also includes food, tableware and phone. This home comes in at $200

4. The final model we like is the Cozy Cottage. It is a quaint and compact model that could be used indoors. It has a working Dutch door with mail slot and doorbell and molded-in grill on the back window. It is a little smaller at just over 11 sq feet but the price is under budget at $150.

House hunting is hard, but we are confident we can find the right model for our family. There are a few other models that include Gas stations, small grocery store options, but we just don’t know if we are ready to purchase a business as well.


3 thoughts on “Our next BIG purchase

  1. brianpjackson says:

    You really need to quit procrastinating on your school work.

  2. jRizzle says:

    I don’t think the Fire Marshall would be too happy with all these dutch door models. Remember, you’ve got to Think Safety when making an important investment like this. Also – have you checked what utilities are going to be like? And are any of these places in a pet friendly part of the neighborhood?

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