One Prayer

One of my favorite meetings in the week is when our Creative Team gets together and is given the chance to dream and vision for what’s coming up at GracePoint. This week was no different, except we had made the decision to participate in something that has the potential to be HUGE. I was waiting for Bryson to share it because of its intensity and he did today.

Craig Groeschel and the leadership of have come up with an amazing idea to unite the Body of Christ in the month of June. It’s called One Prayer.

The main idea is to get churches to join together for the same series at the same time. Craig has asked some amazing communicators to take part in this as this will be a video-based series. Bryson will be taking on the first week of the series live and the following weeks we will have pastors from other churches sharing their “one prayer” for the church.

Many of the churches that have inspired us to do what we do at GracePoint are taking part in this awesome series. We haven’t ironed out all of the details specifically for us, but we are pumped. We are planning on preparing a message for other churches to use as we pull from other leaders across the nation. Get ready – GracePoint for a chance to experience something like you have never experienced before. Keep checking back for more updates on this series.


One thought on “One Prayer

  1. Very cool! I LOVE the logo too!

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