Thursday Thoughts

Kinda sad that the Wingnuts didn’t win the contest. It is a pretty cool logo and I am pretty excited for the season this year. I hope they have a wingnuts had – because I want one….BAD!

Saw a lady driving the wrong way on the on-ramp of a major highway here in town. I felt bad for her. I don’t think she died or got hurt or anything, just kind of embarassing.

Got my box of Pop Goes the Church books in yesterday…one even came signed by Tim Stevens for me. That was nice. The book looks pretty.

I am kind of digging fruit snacks in this season of my life. I love being a dad – because I can eat Owen’s snacks.

Owen has been attached to this little Cozy Coupe car that looks like his real one. He has been taking it to bed, to the babysitter, to breakfast. It is pretty cute.

Granger is doing a series that I love. It’s called the Viral Effect. I think the concept is awesome, and the delivery has been solid each week. As Christians, we need to make our message viral.

I am getting pumped for warmer weather. Rachel and I started landscaping last year, and will be beginning again real soon. We have a real cool plan designed for the house, and we are excited to start tackling the job again. I have some dirt work coming up.

Started watching this show again last week. It is a fun show to watch. I could never be a chef.

So I wasn’t dying last week – it was just strep throat. I have never had strep, and it definitely is not fun. I am glad I have recovered. I have decided, though, that I would have strep over the common cold. Strep doesn’t last as long as the cold….I get sick a lot.

Saw this website the other day. It is pretty cool. Owen was premature so we try to support this organization whenever we can. I thought their concept was brilliant and is very nice to look at.

This post is VERY true.


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