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Free Song

COLDPLAY let loose of their latest track today – you can get it free for a while by clicking here. I have to say it is pretty cool – can’t wait for the entire album.


My dog needs this…

For those of you who know Rachel and I very well, you have probably heard many a dog chasing stories. It seems as though I chase dogs (not storms) quite often. In fact I did so the other day in the rain and pea-sized hail. That was not cool. Someday I will get a chance to share these fun stories with you – like the time we put socks on her and her paws were swollen to the size of my feet. Or the time I swore she swallowed a tube of aspirin – or even better – my wife’s wedding ring.

In these great adventures of coming home to find the dog has pulled her tether from the yard and is no where to be found back there – I go on quite the quest hunting for her. If I had one of these I wouldn’t have to look for the fat beagle pulling a 20ft tether with branches, lawn furniture and small children behind her.


Thursday Thoughts

  • I like storms. I secretly want to be a storm chaser. I would love to drive this car.
  • Watched the trailer for this movie yesterday during Idol. It’s going to be funny. Thinking of movies you should head over to Brian’s blog and participate in his little survey. When he doesn’t have anything to blog about he likes to steal stuff from my area. That’s okay – this way we have a few more to vote. Thanks Brian.
  • A new barbeque joint opened up a few blocks from my house last week. It smells good. It definitely has a sticky name so it looks like we are going to have to walk over and check it out. I love a good barbeque.
  • I have noticed that the number one search engine phrase that lead people to this blog is “crazy spiders”. So I googled it and had to click the images tab. Sure enough – I am number 5. People google weird things.
  • I miss Dr. Pepper gum. So does my wife.
  • I have like 20 books I want to read and I can’t decide which one to choose from. I don’t usually like to read, but I have been really hungry to learn lately.
  • I mowed for the first time this season. Owen and Rachel helped too. It is kind of a weird feeling to get into it again. My neighbor mowed too – with his shirt off. Now that was weird.
  • Well look who joined us back in the blogosphere.
  • Kinda looking forward to the RiverFestival this year. I loved the Food Court and had a tradition when I worked at Asbury that I would go down with Aaron at least once…hey man if you read this – we got to keep it alive?
  • We opened our windows and turned off the furnace this week. This is definitely my favorite time of the year. I love the smell of our old house when the fresh air blows through – it reminds me of my grandma’s house (which ironically is kind of the same model and style as hers). Every now and then I really miss her.

This is why I don’t like elevators

You probably heard about this but if not…Nicholas White was trapped in an elevator in New York City’s McGraw-Hill building for forty-one hours. This is a condensed look at White’s ordeal, as captured by the building’s security cameras. I would probably die after 6. I am going to use the stairs.

I love squeeze cheese

I love squeeze cheese and look what i have found. Squeeze Pancakes!

They’re organic!

Promo video for LGLP

I am pretty pumped about this series. Here is a little more (in case you weren’t in service yesterday)…

Sunday Night Procrastination

I can’t concentrate on the homework I have to get done. Mainly because my motivation this semester is slowly slipping. For those that don’t know – I decided to go back to school last year to get another degree – this one in graphic design. The main motivation for this is to gain more experience on the programs I am already familiar with but want to become an expert in them – AND – I want to graduate from a state school so that I have that example for my kids…I went to Bible School (FYI).

So as I procrastinate and the clock is ticking on when my online homework is due – thought I would share some thoughts from today…

  • We finished up the UFC series this morning. It was a perfect ending. The music was awesome. Was there birds in He Reigns?
  • Shelli’s story was POWERFUL. Thanks for sharing your story. I know that there will be many people challenged to forgive. Simply awesome.
  • Mike’s message was amazing. His stuff keeps getting better.
  • Ed’s stuff is definitely getting better. Today’s video was stinkin awesome! I will post it soon for those that didn’t see it. I am pumped for the next series.
  • The GP Membership event was tonight as well. It was fun to meet new people. I am glad to be part of a church that is real and engaging.

Time to get back to school!

As promised…

A few years back I was able to host a camp with the same title. I think this message is truly timeless and probably one of the most basic lessons we can learn as Christians. Can’t wait to show you more…

Love God Love People Graphic

Thursday Thoughts…

Here they are in no particular order…

  • I have decided I really don’t like Car Dealership commercials. Especially this guy.  I feel bad that he is in other cities too. I should say that maybe it is not the guy I don’t like but the dealership for paying for that many commercials!
  • Bryson has the awesome opportunity to sit with 23 other pastors in a very intimate setting with the guys that make Granger run. Be praying for him that he gets MORE fired up and for us that he doesn’t come back with a ton of crazy ideas (just kidding).
  • I am getting excited for our upcoming series. It is one of my favorite topics ever – I will give a sneak peek later.
  • Had a lot of people comment on the house hunting post earlier this week. We haven’t picked one out yet – but I will let you know.
  • I guess Owen has been doing this for a few months now at grandma’s house but we just learned about it. I wonder what else he is doing over there….maybe using a toilet and having full conversations.
  • I miss playing LEGO’s.
  • I never really got into Nintendo when I was little. We had one – I like Atari back in the day too. Because I never played video games much I really never wanted a game system as an adult…Until Guitar Hero. I think it might be worth buying the system just for this game.
  • Rachel’s flowers are curling up…what to do next.
  • I recently read Made to Stick which was probably one of the best books I have read for a while. I always look for the messages that are sticky and it seems that this one is. It is pretty much a buzz topic now but it such a powerful story. BY THE WAY ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL STORIES YOU WILL EVER HEAR WILL BE SHOWN THIS WEEK AT GRACEPOINT. I know many of you have your own church, but if you can’t be there in person, you have to watch it on the web this week. We have had some amazing stories over the past few months and it shows that GracePoint is all about LIFE CHANGE.
  • Has anyone heard from Mike lately?

Our next BIG purchase

Rachel and I have been looking really hard at our budget lately and we have decided that we think it is time for us to possibly purchase a new house. We are kind of looking at our options – square footage and really making sure that it all fits within the price we think we could afford. We aren’t working with a realtor – yet – but with all of the home buying shows on TV, we think we have a pretty good direction of what we are looking at.
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