Okay REAL thoughts…

Couldn’t help but give some thoughts….

Mike’s ring tone on his cell phone is annoying sometimes – unless his wife is calling.
• Spring is finally here – does that mean I can wear shorts?
• I am pumped for Easter – I was excited for the tent – but I am PUMPED for Easter! Ed has been working on a tight video for one of the songs. What friend are you bringing?
• Went to lunch with my wife today – that was pretty cool – except the food was kinda gross.
• My son – needs to learn that when he throws his food it is bad. We need to learn not to laugh when we are trying to discipline him.
• This guy is pretty cool and this song is why.
• I am so glad that graphic design has come so far…otherwise this is what would be innovative.
• The Pop Goes the Church site went up this week (the site for the book I was able to preview before it was released)…watch the random quotes on the homepage…Craig Groeschel, Bill Hybels, Guy Kawaski, Terry Johnson. What?!? What?
• I am looking forward to the coolest stinkin Egg Hunt in Wichita this Saturday. One because I am not in charge. Two because Owen gets to participate. THREE because the Easter Bunny is literally flying in! And FOUR – well you just have to come to see what number FOUR is.
• The crew down at NewSpring launched their UNLEASH (no connection to our UNLEASH) site today. It is so nice that they are kind enough to let the general public in on their general sessions and notes from their breakouts. Thanks guys!


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