Some questions I wanted answered today…

Why does the bank temperature and my car’s temperature never match?
Why do all of the guys that read those comic book novels look the same?
Why do I just assume that a navy blue Ford F150 with a topper on it contains a slow driver? (usually is)
Why am I such a hypochondriac?
Why does this make me happy?

Just FYI – these are rhetorical and there is no need to respond to these…If you like read comic book novels or drive F150s with a topper on them and you don’t agree with me – I am sorry. Just some observations today.


One thought on “Why…

  1. codyknutson says:

    Not sure maybe your low on headlight fluid.
    That is the same comic book guy, he can morph.
    The ford guy is pondering the difference in temp gauges.
    Not sure, the comic book guy makes me nervous.
    Made me happy to see HOT Hillary too…

    Like the blog

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