Maybe just a glimpse…

Something finally clicked with me today…The past few weeks at GracePoint have been about UNLEASH. UNLEASH has a few forms it has taken on. One of the most obvious is the building campaign that the church as a whole is kicking off. We need a building bad. UNLEASH, itself, kicked off with a reverse offering. We handed out about $10,000 to the congregation as a way to bless the city of Wichita and to UNLEASH kindness throughout the community. It has been awesome. UNLEASH in “big picture” form has been about REVOLUTION. And today some things finally clicked for me.

Bryson mentioned America’s founding fathers in his message today. I am so grateful for them because I am able to live in literally one of the greatest places on earth. It clicked – while many of us are not the founding members that helped launch GracePoint – we are part of the “founding fathers” that are actively writing the history for our church. People are going to look back on the sacrifice that is taking place now and become so grateful for radical faith we have to see a REVOLUTION of change happen.

While the basic theme to UNLEASH has been about sacrificially giving to the campaign, it has not been its driving force. Have you noticed each week there have been countless stories of people’s lives at GracePoint being radically changed or stories of how God is using our church to bless the lives of people in our community. These stories are shared not necessarily to cause emotion, but to show you the power of what it is like for a church that is sold-out to the vision of God. As Bryson says, “UNLEASH is not about bricks and sticks” and I truly believe that if God told us to stay portable forever we would be committed to doing that. What UNLEASH is about and what GracePoint is about is seeing God’s Kingdom come in our lives and in this city.

While the stories today were powerful and the ones on the site are awesome – it hasn’t been one particular story that God used to speak to me. It was, today, the culmination of all that God is doing that showed me what God’s Kingdom looks like. When you hear actual accounts of people’s lives being changed and their needs being met, you start to get a glimpse of what the kingdom of God is really about.

It’s not about money – although that helps. It is not necessarily about sacrifice – although that helps us get out of the way so God can use us. It’s about seeing lives changed. That’s what the Kingdom of God is…transformation.


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