Thursday Thoughts

Another Thursday – another 10 thoughts…

  • I think at some point this weekend I am going to rent a DVD from McDonald’s. It is weird, but it might give me an excuse to get a cheeseburger.
  • I scare easy (not permission to do this to me). Today – the stroller on our front porch scared the crap out of me. I thought it was someone trying to get inside at first glance. I am glad Rachel is tough enough to protect me.
  • Saw this huge grill on another blog the other day. They say that this weekend is the unofficial start of the grilling season…BRING IT!
  • Ah crap! We lose an hour of sleep this week huh?
  • I went to Braum’s last night with Rachel. It smelled like the YMCA…It was weird.
  • There are a few things – maybe this would be good for another post but I will share them here…I miss Dr.Pepper gum. I miss Dill Pickle Lays. I miss Ding Dongs in the foil wrapping. I miss Hershey Chocolate Milk in cartons – (oh man! I will save my chocolate milk stories for another post. You have to remind me later).
  • Have I mentioned before that my Beagle snores, talks, and runs in her sleep. It is funny.
  • I have seen a couple of groups of church planters at GracePoint the past few weeks. It is awesome that people are desiring to do ministry the way we do in other parts of the city, state, and country. I have never been a part of the core team that starts a church, but I have been involved in different ways in church plants. It is exciting, nerve-racking, and intense all at the same time. For you guys that have been visiting and checking us out – we are praying for you! God is definitely honoring your commitment and I pray that you will see amazing things happen….just been on my mind lately.
  • Why is gas so high – really?
  • I downloaded and started using a pretty sweet reminder service today. I don’t have a cool enough phone to remind me when I need to do something. I am on the computer so much too that I need something that is online. I am going to try it for a month and see if I like it. I need to habit it first – is that correct grammar? It’s called Remember the Milk.
  • Song of the DAY…. Is It Any Wonder by Keane


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. jimryanjackson says:

    How about the one time the vacuum cleaner tried to kill you and you collapsed on the floor and screamed? THAT WAS SCARY! Maybe you need a gun for some self confidence, but then you’d probably end up shooting your water heater…

  2. Rachel says:

    So you know. You can scare Terry, even when he knows you are there. Sometimes I just make a loud noise and he jumps. The vacuum cleaner had to be the funniest time he freaked out. Nice to know that if there is an intruder in our house that Terry will be on the floor! We live in a 1,000 sq/ft house- and I love to find places to hide and jump out at him…so you can imagine the creativity in involuntary hide-and-seek.

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