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Fever….Spring Fever?

I have literally had a fever for 3 days now. It sucks. I feel okay most of the time, but then all of the sudden I feel like I am going to die. But I don’t. If you know me at all, you know that I am a hypochondriac. To make matters worse for myself, I spend my time, when I am sick, on the internet looking for the reason for my illness. A while back I talked about my hypochondria with some friends…

I don’t know if I can watch TV anymore due to my severe hypochondria. I think I have everything that I see on TV. Like Restless Leg Syndrome For like 5 years my legs have been all weird at night. I keep thinking I am getting blood clots all over my body. I am getting the bird flu…man…I hate TV…except Sunday nights, Tuesday nights, and Thursdays nights – then I like TV. I want tivo.”


Okay REAL thoughts…

Couldn’t help but give some thoughts….

Mike’s ring tone on his cell phone is annoying sometimes – unless his wife is calling.
• Spring is finally here – does that mean I can wear shorts?
• I am pumped for Easter – I was excited for the tent – but I am PUMPED for Easter! Ed has been working on a tight video for one of the songs. What friend are you bringing?
• Went to lunch with my wife today – that was pretty cool – except the food was kinda gross.
• My son – needs to learn that when he throws his food it is bad. We need to learn not to laugh when we are trying to discipline him.
• This guy is pretty cool and this song is why.
• I am so glad that graphic design has come so far…otherwise this is what would be innovative.
• The Pop Goes the Church site went up this week (the site for the book I was able to preview before it was released)…watch the random quotes on the homepage…Craig Groeschel, Bill Hybels, Guy Kawaski, Terry Johnson. What?!? What?
• I am looking forward to the coolest stinkin Egg Hunt in Wichita this Saturday. One because I am not in charge. Two because Owen gets to participate. THREE because the Easter Bunny is literally flying in! And FOUR – well you just have to come to see what number FOUR is.
• The crew down at NewSpring launched their UNLEASH (no connection to our UNLEASH) site today. It is so nice that they are kind enough to let the general public in on their general sessions and notes from their breakouts. Thanks guys!

Thursday Thoughts…

This week – let me waste two minutes of your time by introducing you to my favorite KIDS tv show Yo Gabba Gabba and my favorite tune – “Don’t Bite Your Friends!

I have some thoughts coming – and some CREATIVE church stuff coming too…you will just have to wait.


Some questions I wanted answered today…

Why does the bank temperature and my car’s temperature never match?
Why do all of the guys that read those comic book novels look the same?
Why do I just assume that a navy blue Ford F150 with a topper on it contains a slow driver? (usually is)
Why am I such a hypochondriac?
Why does this make me happy?

Just FYI – these are rhetorical and there is no need to respond to these…If you like read comic book novels or drive F150s with a topper on them and you don’t agree with me – I am sorry. Just some observations today.

I hate eggs…

I really don’t like eggs by themselves. I thing it all stems back to a horrible Easter Egg fight when I was younger inside my aunt’s house. As kids we realized that by chucking the eggs towards the fan, it descended on our opposing team’s “fort” nicely. What we didn’t realize is that we would be spending hours cleaning up the horrible mess the fight left.

I will eat eggs – like in fried rice…and rarely will take a side of scrambled eggs with my hashbrowns and chocolate milk. But after seeing this I think I might need to start eating more in order for my wife to get these for me…

Little decapitated LEGO head – egg holders. Isn’t that cute!


Sitting at home today is kind of like the calm before the Storm. GracePoint is definitely invading the city with outreach and worship for the next 11 days.

  • Starting tonight – anyone with kids HAS GOT to check out LIVEWIRE. If you have never been – it is an amazing event where literally hundreds of families come for FREE PIZZA, HUGE INFLATABLES, and a live drama production aimed at teaching kids (and their families) some amazing truths to apply to their lives. The event is 6:30-8:30 at Maize South Middle School.
  • Tomorrow the preparation for one of the coolest worship experiences in GP history continues with the setup for Sunday morning.
  • SUNDAY – the REVOLUTION continues with ONE SERVICE starting at 10:30am at the GracePoint property on West 21st. NORTH. Parking will begin at 10:00am at the YMCA, Wichita Clinic, Eberly Farms, and the NW campus for those with kids. There will be a shuttle service to transport you to the experience. Kids will be meeting at the NW campus.
  • NEXT SATURDAY the Easter Bunny LITERALLY flies in to the Andover Central Practice Field for an ENORMOUS egg hunt. Invitations have been distributed to almost every kid in Andover, East Wichita, and surrounding neighborhoods. It’s going to be HUGE.
  • NEXT SUNDAY the REVOLUTION is celebrated as we have 3 IDENTICAL worship experiences at 8am, 9:30am, and 11am at Maize South Middle School. We are encouraging EVERYONE to invite at LEAST ONE person to the Easter experiences. This will be a powerful time remembering the event that started it all.

Ed Newby – our in-house STUD – put together a pretty cool promo for all of this. Check it out!

Thursday Thoughts

  • The lady at Starbucks freaked me out today. She winked at me and wasn’t your typical – here is your coffee in a rude rushed way. I don’t think I will go back there.
  • My name was used as a verb today. That was cool. “Hey can you ‘Terry’ this graphic up for me?”
  • I think I want to buy this chair.
  • If you are not doing anything Sunday and you didn’t know about this – you should come to GracePoint’s property – the future home of the building – on west 21st St. across from the new YMCA. We are having an amazing tent celebration. The event starts at 10:30. It will be cool.
  • I like spaghetti O’s still.
  • If I was not in the ministry I think I would want to be a professional voice. I don’t have a radio voice – I just want to be the pre-recorded answering system voice, the prompt for the phone company, the National Weather Alert voice – I think I would be much friendlier than all of the other people.
  • Lots of changes going on at the Johnson house. They are good and bittersweet all at once. I think Rachel and I should celebrate transition Friday, Saturday, Sunday, hmmm next weekend.…AFTER EASTER! There’s a lot going on ’round these here parts!
  • My mom’s church is doing a building campaign and they are celebrating this Sunday as well. It is cool to know that there are churches growing and expanding and making room for the unchurched in Sedgwick County.
  • Lost is on tonight…so is Ace of Cakes….so is LA Ink…Thursday night TV is stinkin’ AWESOME!
  • Been doing a lot of yard clean-up lately. I am pumped for the Spring so we can finish some of our landscaping that we started last year. I think I am getting old.

SONG OF THE DAY…International Harvester by Craig Morgan. The video was shot in Wichita and some on Maize Road. Very cool.

This is cool

One of the organizations I am most passionate about is Invisible Children. I just ran across a pretty powerful video by Fall Out Boy when they took a trip to Uganda and partnered with IC to make this video. It is a cool song too. Check it out…

If you wan to know more information on Invisible Children check out their site or let me know and I can get you pointed in the right direction.

Maybe just a glimpse…

Something finally clicked with me today…The past few weeks at GracePoint have been about UNLEASH. UNLEASH has a few forms it has taken on. One of the most obvious is the building campaign that the church as a whole is kicking off. We need a building bad. UNLEASH, itself, kicked off with a reverse offering. We handed out about $10,000 to the congregation as a way to bless the city of Wichita and to UNLEASH kindness throughout the community. It has been awesome. UNLEASH in “big picture” form has been about REVOLUTION. And today some things finally clicked for me.

Bryson mentioned America’s founding fathers in his message today. I am so grateful for them because I am able to live in literally one of the greatest places on earth. It clicked – while many of us are not the founding members that helped launch GracePoint – we are part of the “founding fathers” that are actively writing the history for our church. People are going to look back on the sacrifice that is taking place now and become so grateful for radical faith we have to see a REVOLUTION of change happen.

While the basic theme to UNLEASH has been about sacrificially giving to the campaign, it has not been its driving force. Have you noticed each week there have been countless stories of people’s lives at GracePoint being radically changed or stories of how God is using our church to bless the lives of people in our community. These stories are shared not necessarily to cause emotion, but to show you the power of what it is like for a church that is sold-out to the vision of God. As Bryson says, “UNLEASH is not about bricks and sticks” and I truly believe that if God told us to stay portable forever we would be committed to doing that. What UNLEASH is about and what GracePoint is about is seeing God’s Kingdom come in our lives and in this city.

While the stories today were powerful and the ones on the site are awesome – it hasn’t been one particular story that God used to speak to me. It was, today, the culmination of all that God is doing that showed me what God’s Kingdom looks like. When you hear actual accounts of people’s lives being changed and their needs being met, you start to get a glimpse of what the kingdom of God is really about.

It’s not about money – although that helps. It is not necessarily about sacrifice – although that helps us get out of the way so God can use us. It’s about seeing lives changed. That’s what the Kingdom of God is…transformation.

Thursday Thoughts

Another Thursday – another 10 thoughts…

  • I think at some point this weekend I am going to rent a DVD from McDonald’s. It is weird, but it might give me an excuse to get a cheeseburger.
  • I scare easy (not permission to do this to me). Today – the stroller on our front porch scared the crap out of me. I thought it was someone trying to get inside at first glance. I am glad Rachel is tough enough to protect me.
  • Saw this huge grill on another blog the other day. They say that this weekend is the unofficial start of the grilling season…BRING IT!
  • Ah crap! We lose an hour of sleep this week huh?
  • I went to Braum’s last night with Rachel. It smelled like the YMCA…It was weird.
  • There are a few things – maybe this would be good for another post but I will share them here…I miss Dr.Pepper gum. I miss Dill Pickle Lays. I miss Ding Dongs in the foil wrapping. I miss Hershey Chocolate Milk in cartons – (oh man! I will save my chocolate milk stories for another post. You have to remind me later).
  • Have I mentioned before that my Beagle snores, talks, and runs in her sleep. It is funny.
  • I have seen a couple of groups of church planters at GracePoint the past few weeks. It is awesome that people are desiring to do ministry the way we do in other parts of the city, state, and country. I have never been a part of the core team that starts a church, but I have been involved in different ways in church plants. It is exciting, nerve-racking, and intense all at the same time. For you guys that have been visiting and checking us out – we are praying for you! God is definitely honoring your commitment and I pray that you will see amazing things happen….just been on my mind lately.
  • Why is gas so high – really?
  • I downloaded and started using a pretty sweet reminder service today. I don’t have a cool enough phone to remind me when I need to do something. I am on the computer so much too that I need something that is online. I am going to try it for a month and see if I like it. I need to habit it first – is that correct grammar? It’s called Remember the Milk.
  • Song of the DAY…. Is It Any Wonder by Keane