Thursday Thoughts

Here we go again with another installment of the thoughts…

• My son is starting to sing and he can barely even talk! It is super cute. Last night we climbed up on the fireplace and acted like it was his stage and danced and mumbled Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I, by no means, think he is going to be on American Idol someday – but I am pretty impressed in his talent.

• I have realized that Pei Wei is good – only when you dine in. We got take-out the other day for Rachel’s birthday and they loaded the sauce on it and it was a bit too heavy. It was good – but just not as good as the dine-in experience. By the way my fortune cookie said “Your Generosity will surely be repaid”. WHOA!

• When there is a sale on clothes, Rachel and I usually check it out. Yesterday there was a big sale at Dillards. I am so surprised at how much women turn into vulchers when they think they are getting a really good deal. It was not a fun experience (Clarity – I love to shop with my wife – just not crazy people).

• Welcome to the blogosphere Ronnie – I love reading your stuff.

• I have recently found myself listening to country music. In fact I have three stations programmed on my radio right now. I am strangely drawn to the twang of country singers.

• Meeting with someone today who is considering ministry for their career. It got me thinking on why I chose it (or more why God chose me). Ministry is tough, it is hard, and sometimes is even unfulfilling, but at the end of the day, I am able to sit back and realize that I was part of impacting lives for eternity. That is huge!

• Thinking this would be good in our bathrooms at church. Fellowship Church has rocks in their sinks – haven’t see a church do colored paper.

• I work with some very creative people! Ed Newby – our media pastor – is doing an awesome job on the tech side of the ministry. He and his team are helping keep GracePoint on the forefront of technology. Obviously we have budget limitations, but there are many churches bigger than ours that are jealous of our setup. Ed you rock!

• The McDonalds down the street from us is one of the new buildings with the double drive-thru. It reminds me of when they tried the third window approach. It hasn’t proved itself yet, and in fact, McDonalds messes up more orders now which, in turn, slows down the service. As much as I like their food – I am starting to dislike the place.

Song of the day: Kinda liking the Apologize by Timbaland and One Republic. Maybe it’s cause Fellowship did an awesome version of it at C3 – maybe cause it is just cool.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. mandoron says:

    Thanks for the shout-out Terry!

  2. jimryanjackson says:

    yeah, thanks for my shout-out too! oh wait…

    Sorry I am missing Final Friday, I made a commitment at church for the night with the kids. Maybe next month + it will be warmer.

    I miss you, not in a weird way, in a good way.

    Thanks for inspiring me to get into Kid’s Ministry, it is the best decision I never made!

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