She makes my heart go “BEEP”


If I can steal a phrase from the best documentary in the world – Invisible Children – my wife makes my heart go “beep”. Tomorrow (Feb. 26th) is her birthday and none of the gifts I give her are worth the best gift she has given me – her love. She is an amazing wife, mother, and my best friend. If you know Rachel, call her up and wish her a happy birthday.

Love ya babe!


3 thoughts on “She makes my heart go “BEEP”

  1. Gil says:

    I don’t really know Rachel, so I won’t bother her by calling – but I hope she has a great birthday anyway!

  2. Mike Snow says:

    Rachel, I feel bad because the mean staff at GracePoint rushed me when I was going to write a full on manuscript about how special it is to have you on our team in your card but they made me hurry and then I felt like you might think I really don’t care very much but I do even though I really just met you recently but I feel I know you because I spent 3 days eating “Fried Pie” with your soul mate while you chased Speedy Gonzalez.
    Anyway, tell Owen and Terrence I said “Sup.”

  3. Rachel says:

    Thanks for making me feel so wonderful. I am amazed by your unconditional love for me and your passion for Owen. Thanks for the wonderful words and making me feel so special on my birthday. And thanks for putting up my my flaws and frustrations. I love you!

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