The past few days have been awesome. Fellowship Church is one of the first churches that I have walked into and literally said “wow!” I have been to my share of large facilities and conferences, but maybe it was because I really didn’t expect what I saw. The actual conference was extremely refreshing and very empowering that I have returned pumped and full of ideas. So much happened and said that I will try to do my best to give you the highlights of the week…


  • We decided to detour and stop in at Journey church. Their new facility is pretty nice.
  • We stopped in Ardmore Oklahoma at the best fried pies in the world. Nancy’s fried pies at the Turner Falls exit. It is definitely worth the 10-minute detour…just ask Mike.
  • The first night of the conference was more of a church-service feel, but the worship was amazing and the message was very challenging.
  • I was in too much awe to take many notes. The notes I did take were more on ideas and suggestions for myself and the team….you might just see some of these things in the coming weeks.
  • The worship band was spread out over the stage – even on different levels of scaffolding…I will try to post some environment pics later.
  • We stopped in at a Fudruckers after the service. It was pretty good food.
  • Took us about an hour to get to our condo – we stayed at a chalet on Lake Granbury – my aunt runs the resort so we got the “family discount”.
  • Shawn about killed us in a gas station parking lot.


  • We woke up way too early but it was worth it. We had a 6:30am meeting with LifeChurch.tv in Fort Worth. Some awesome stuff is happening down there…we will save it for another post.
  • Ed Young started the morning off with an amazing message on Betrayal.
  • It was through betrayal that he truly believes that Fellowship is what it is today.
  • At some point in our lives we will be in a pit like Joseph (“pit happens”). It is through these situations that we learn that God will move us from “why me” to “what now”.
  • Knowing that this is going to happen means that we know God is working through us.
  • God is preparing you fro what He has PREPARED FOR YOU.
  • True success is not excess it’s living in the will of God.
  • The worship team did an awesome performance of Yahweh by U2 this morning. The worship leader was painted as other team members painted on canvas. It was a powerful experience.
  • Tried to find Tony Morgan this morning – I didn’t though.
  • Lunch was good. Thanks Fellowship!
  • Mac Richard, former staff member at Fellowship and now pastor at Lake Hills Church in Austin followed lunch. He is funny and really respects Ed.
  • You are only accountable as you want to be.
  • If you want to be great – SERVE.
  • As a leader you must measure the stuff that matters.
  • I found Tony Morgan … and the rest of the staff at NewSpring, then Perry Noble got up to speak.

I have decided that since Perry Noble’s message was so powerful – I will post it separately later. I promise.

  • I was able to see THIS performed live. SWEET!
  • Pastor Brian Houston from Hillsong came up. He asked if we could see the elephant. Funny thing is that we actually could. There was a huge elephant out front of the church earlier this morning, mainly for Ed’s talk on Betrayal, but so fitting with Brian’s message.
  • Tony Morgan mentioned Brian reminded him of Nicolas Cage…he actually does look like him!
  • If you want to empower people, you have to have a big Kingdom mindset.
  • Practice taking second place. Oversee a culture of permission. Say “yes” more often.
  • Speak into the potential of people.
  • Our team left for the day to just digest all the things we heard. We were definitely challenged, inspired, and motivated to create a change at GracePoint. We’re pumped.


  • Tommy Barnett of Phoenix First Assembly kicked off the morning. He spoke on quitting. It was good stuff.
  • Wanting to quit is a sign of success. Wanting and actually doing it are two different things.
  • The more you have to quit the more you want to quit.
  • You can enjoy the luxury of wanting to quit if you know you will never quit.
  • There are things we can do to keep from quitting.
  • Burn the bridges behind you. You’ve got to decide what is important and commit the rest of your life to it.
  • Don’t tell anyone you want to quit – because they may take you up on it.
  • Do not expose yourself to what you don’t want to b.
  • Lock yourself in so you do not have to quit.
  • GREAT MEN…are ordinary men…THAT JUST WON’T QUIT.
  • We just saw Steven Furtick’s hair! That is definitely him.
  • The Bishop walked up – with his piano player – and his Bible carrier guy. He was dressed pretty cool – in C3 fashion! Ed (Newby) almost fainted. He likes TD Jakes….a lot….seriously…a lot.
  • The cost of leadership is conflict.
  • If you haven’t experienced conflict you are not a leader – you are a follower.
  • You haven’t begun to preach until you are controversial.
  • Is it possible that God is bigger than your past experiences? He IS bigger than our circumstances and our situation.
  • Communion – Jesus took the bread. He blessed the bread. He broke the bread. And gave it to them. That same pattern is repeated throughout scripture. Jesus did this at the last supper, the time after he rose from the grave. He did this when he fed the 5000. “He took it. He blessed it. He broke it. And gave it to them.”
  • God is going to do that to us. He took us from our past situation. He blesses us with a time of blessing and peace. He brakes us with hard situations. Then he gives us to serve.
  • God breaks you because he loves you. It proves you’re his son and not a bastard.
  • The breaking stage is really the blessing stage.
  • The best is yet to come.
  • Mike wore his “Church Doesn’t Suck” t-shirt today. Everyone noticed it and several commented. Many even said they heard about it on the internet. This was huge!
  • We went to a creative break-out session – more on this later.
  • We sat by part of the Elevation team and I was able to make a nice contact with the girl doing a similar job as mine there. This was a huge opportunity for me.
  • I introduced myself to Lee McDerment – the worship leader from NewSpring and we talked for a while. He is the nicest and most humble guy I have met. We met some other staff members from both churches and pray that God will continue to allow us to network with them.
  • It was an awesome conference!

One thought on “C3 RECAP

  1. jimryanjackson says:

    WOW! Sounds like a great conference! Maybe I should check this out next time. Will there be a next time?

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