The same dream/thought

It is probably daily that I either think of this or have a literal dream about this.

Here is the scenario: GracePoint just launched a capital campaign last Sunday. We are preparing to build a $6.5 million dollar building to reach thousands in the Wichita area. While Rachel and I have been praying about what we can sacrificially give, I keep praying for God to show us HIS will for this (and us). I know we definitely can’t cover the cost, but our small part (equal sacrifice) can help towards the goal. I believe that God wants us to walk into this building debt free – I believe it and kind of expect it.

Here is the dream/thought: I keep thinking and dreaming about someone walking to the altar on Celebration Sunday at the tent service on our property and laying down a check for $6.5 million dollars.

Whoa! That would be stinkin awesome! Can you believe the look on Bryson‘s face when this would happen? Let’s do it! I am sure Bryson (and I) will take that person out to lunch…any takers?


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