Sunday/Weekend Recap

First off, let me just say – I LOVE PIZZA ROLLS. Every now and then my wife Rachel will buy these for me. This week there was a coupon and we got a small box for like 20 cents. Rachel and I have committed to each other to live in financial freedom. She is much stronger than I am – but we are seeing an amazing future in this. Because of our commitment, Rachel will really only buy stuff on sale or with a coupon (unless we have to have it) and this week it was Pizza Rolls….AMAZING (by the way we are training for a half-marathon too – this is REALLY HELPING!)

Anyways! This past weekend was pretty stinking awesome too. Saturday night, some of the leaders of GracePoint met together for a time of celebration and anticipation as we kicked off a revolution that this city has never seen before. About 150 of us gathered for a time of committing ourselves to leading the church in one of the most historical events we have seen. We heard of the life-change that is already taking place in our midst through this campaign, and spent some time in worship. What an awesome experience to hear us all sing “If we are the body” with just our voices.

Then on Sunday – we kicked off the historical event with releasing the “fly-through” virtual tour of our new facility. You can check it out here. (By the way – I think that is the “Voice of the Theater” or at least his brother) The church was pumped. Bryson preached an amazing message on UNLEASHING the Kindness in this city. I have heard many sermons dealing with giving but Bryson nailed it and challenged us all that we are not fund-raising, but FAITH-RAISING. Then he gave us a tangible lesson. Instead of taking an offering yesterday, we gave away $10,000 to the church. Some were given $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 and even $500. We were challenged to show God’s kindness to someone in this city. You can check out the stories on or by clicking here.

God is getting ready for something bigger than any of us have every hoped for or imagined. God is calling us to sacrifice. God is calling us to dream. God is moving us to be HIS hands, HIS feet, HIS voice to this city.


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