Tuesday Thoughts

It’s been a while for this, but I thought it would be a good time to let you know what’s been happening and what’s on my mind.

• I can’t stand traffic lights that are green when there are no cars. I think all lights need to be sensor lights and should only turn green for me.
• It has been fun watching the political stuff on TV. I am pretty interested to see who will actually be competing for the White House. I don’t know if my ideal candidates will get there, but it has actually been somewhat fun to watch it.
• I received something somewhat rewarding in the mail today. A certificate stating I made the President’s Honor Roll at Butler. Not that that really means anything because I have been taking some pretty easy classes, but it is just a nice feeling to get a letter like that in the mail.
• Brian had some nice things to say about me. He is a pretty cool person to work with (for). He has become a pretty good friend – it is just weird that he could be my dad but acts more like my brother. He has an awesome story of how he got into ministry – if you don’t know about it – you will have to ask him. Most of the crew at GP have cool stories, they have given up a lot to do God’s work. It is strange to be one of the only ones on a church staff that really started out in ministry and didn’t necessarily make a career change.
• Rachel and I are pushing forward on our Johnson Household Financial Freedom Quest. It is tough – but somewhat refreshing. I feel like I did when I was fasting. Pray for us, it requires a ton of discipline, but we are committed to leaving a legacy for Owen in this area.
• I like cheeseburger Lean Pockets.
• The snow has been pretty cool to watch tonight. I love it when it REALLY snows all at once like a snowstorm. We were driving in it tonight, and it made me feel like I live up north. Someday…maybe.
• I am in school again this semester – might have bit off a little more than I could chew – I am full-time. I am taking online courses this semester. It doesn’t make sense that I still have to take a test and turn in assignments in El Dorado or Andover for an online class. I feel bad for the lady that lives in New Orleans…that’s going to be a long drive.
• I used to write curriculum for kids ministry. Sold some of it. I am thinking as a tribute to my five fun years in kids ministry, I will write one last resource. I am thinking about putting together a family devotion. We’ll see how that turns out. I will keep you posted.
• U2 in 3D…holy bananas batman!


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