What I want THEM to know

What an amazing message this morning at GP! This entire series has been pretty moving and empowering to me, but this morning it all finally hit home. Knowing the Duncan family personally and being with the family the day Jeff died has been burned in my mind forever. It compares nothing to what Erin and her family has, but at least I can tell you of the legacy Jeff truly left – and it was huge. The night we interviewed Erin, my mind was definitely in thinking mode and I was definitely challenged to be deliberate in what I do here on Earth. There is an amazing song that Charlie Hall sings and the lyrics to the chorus go – “And all of life comes down to just one thing – and that’s to love you Lord Jesus and make you known.” If there is one thing I want to be remembered for it is that – that I loved Jesus and made him known to others. I sing that over my son Owen when I lay him down for bed, and that is my prayer for his life too. I can’t imagine not seeing him grow up, get married, and even have kids of his own, but in everything I do I want to make sure that I live TODAY like it is my last. And TODAY I want to a leave a lasting legacy that no one will ever forget.

—Thanks Erin for telling your story – because of you and Jeff’s legacy – literally several dozens of people made a commitment this morning to follow Jesus, and many MANY more decided to live their life like Jeff did – to make an impact on those around them because of the love of Jesus!


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