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Thursday Thoughts

Here we go again with another installment of the thoughts…

• My son is starting to sing and he can barely even talk! It is super cute. Last night we climbed up on the fireplace and acted like it was his stage and danced and mumbled Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I, by no means, think he is going to be on American Idol someday – but I am pretty impressed in his talent.

• I have realized that Pei Wei is good – only when you dine in. We got take-out the other day for Rachel’s birthday and they loaded the sauce on it and it was a bit too heavy. It was good – but just not as good as the dine-in experience. By the way my fortune cookie said “Your Generosity will surely be repaid”. WHOA!

• When there is a sale on clothes, Rachel and I usually check it out. Yesterday there was a big sale at Dillards. I am so surprised at how much women turn into vulchers when they think they are getting a really good deal. It was not a fun experience (Clarity – I love to shop with my wife – just not crazy people).

• Welcome to the blogosphere Ronnie – I love reading your stuff.

• I have recently found myself listening to country music. In fact I have three stations programmed on my radio right now. I am strangely drawn to the twang of country singers.

• Meeting with someone today who is considering ministry for their career. It got me thinking on why I chose it (or more why God chose me). Ministry is tough, it is hard, and sometimes is even unfulfilling, but at the end of the day, I am able to sit back and realize that I was part of impacting lives for eternity. That is huge!

• Thinking this would be good in our bathrooms at church. Fellowship Church has rocks in their sinks – haven’t see a church do colored paper.

• I work with some very creative people! Ed Newby – our media pastor – is doing an awesome job on the tech side of the ministry. He and his team are helping keep GracePoint on the forefront of technology. Obviously we have budget limitations, but there are many churches bigger than ours that are jealous of our setup. Ed you rock!

• The McDonalds down the street from us is one of the new buildings with the double drive-thru. It reminds me of when they tried the third window approach. It hasn’t proved itself yet, and in fact, McDonalds messes up more orders now which, in turn, slows down the service. As much as I like their food – I am starting to dislike the place.

Song of the day: Kinda liking the Apologize by Timbaland and One Republic. Maybe it’s cause Fellowship did an awesome version of it at C3 – maybe cause it is just cool.


Ireland, Buildings, and Blogs

I wasn’t really surprised that a movie I have never heard of won at the Academy Awards…but after hearing the song that did it – Falling Slowly – I jumped on Itunes and downloaded it. It is a rad song and the movie looks pretty sweet too. Looks like we can’t even see it here in town. It is amazing what a little movie from Ireland can do. The movie – shot in 17 days in Dublin was done so with a very small budget – around $150,000. Makes you wonder what we could do with a little money and a lot of creativity.

Speaking of money – I was talking with a friend of mine the other day. His church is going through a building campaign and he said that they are very detrimental to the church. I asked why and he continued on with saying that building campaigns focus only on money and hurt the Body that needs to be fed. I AM SO BLESSED TO BE PART OF A CHURCH BUILDING CAMPAIGN that is seeing LIVES CHANGED AND PEOPLE BEING RADICALLY BLESSED! We have seen more commitments to Christ during this campaign that we have ever before. People are stepping out in faith and in return, we are seeing one of the greatest movements of God at GracePoint.

Continuing with GracePoint and movements – Brian got some buzz on his blog the other day. Funny how churches react when someone else does something a little bit different – or not to their own personal preference. Not to get in on any of the details, because there are some I don’t even know – I just know that when God calls you to move – you do it and don’t wait on the policies and procedures of man. God has strategically placed an amazing team of staff and volunteers to see a revolution take over Wichita. GracePoint is not and has never been about seeing people who are churched come to our experiences, but we are trying to reach those FAR FROM CHRIST. Far meaning the bums, the abusers, the prostitutes, the liars, the drunks, the addicts, the broken, the hurting, the ones turned off from traditional church. No one is complaining that we are taking a bus downtown to reach THESE some of these people…or is it because we haven’t blogged about it yet. This is what Jesus did (well not the bus and the blogging but reaching those far from God) – but sadly – this is NOT what churches are doing. Brian  you nailed it on the head – WE CANNOT AFFORD TO MAKE THIS MISTAKE AGAIN.

Speaking of mistakes – I meant to order an entire box of Nancy’s fried pies near Ardmore, OK on my way back from C3. I didn’t and Mike and I really miss these.

And finally – speaking of Mike. This guy is one of the coolest people I have ever worked with and have had the privilege to know. He has the calling of God all over him and God is using him in mighty ways. If you haven’t watched Sunday’s message – you have to. He laid it out. I am excited to see what God is going to use him for to reach the MANY people in East Wichita.

She makes my heart go “BEEP”


If I can steal a phrase from the best documentary in the world – Invisible Children – my wife makes my heart go “beep”. Tomorrow (Feb. 26th) is her birthday and none of the gifts I give her are worth the best gift she has given me – her love. She is an amazing wife, mother, and my best friend. If you know Rachel, call her up and wish her a happy birthday.

Love ya babe!

c3 Environment pics

I found this awesome Flickr site with some stellar environment photos from C3. Not only were the messages powerful, the environment left me with a definite “WOW!”. Check em out!


The past few days have been awesome. Fellowship Church is one of the first churches that I have walked into and literally said “wow!” I have been to my share of large facilities and conferences, but maybe it was because I really didn’t expect what I saw. The actual conference was extremely refreshing and very empowering that I have returned pumped and full of ideas. So much happened and said that I will try to do my best to give you the highlights of the week… Continue reading

While you wait…

Hoping to get something posted soon on C3. We have been busy meeting and networking with folks from all around the country. It is such a great place to be. While you wait check out Tony Morgan’s notes on the conference…they are good.


I am not as fast as Tony Morgan, but there will be updates later. This conference is awesome and Perry Noble was off the hook!

Heading to see why God blessed Texas…

On my way out today with Mike, Ed Newby (who’s in charge of GP Productions), and Shawn Listerman (the guy that is going to run the show out at GP East on Sundays). We are going to the Creative Church Conference that’s being hosted at Fellowship Church and Ed Young Jr. I will be posting on the conference through the blog so keep checking back. It’s going to be awesome! 

6 thoughts (and links)…

1. I wonder what we could do as a church to make people stop in the midst of their busy schedules to take notice of our message. It seems an improv act can do it, God has empowered us with the most creativity in the world…what can we do. Check this out…

2. Did he really post two days in a row?

3. One thing I like about GracePoint is that we are all real. These stories are completely amazing and the inspiration that I get daily from reading these is awesome. Keep ’em up GP!

4. I think my son is getting one of these.

5. This looks pretty cool. I think I am going to pick one of them up next week.

6. Going here on Wednesday. It’s going to be awesome!

The same dream/thought

It is probably daily that I either think of this or have a literal dream about this.

Here is the scenario: GracePoint just launched a capital campaign last Sunday. We are preparing to build a $6.5 million dollar building to reach thousands in the Wichita area. While Rachel and I have been praying about what we can sacrificially give, I keep praying for God to show us HIS will for this (and us). I know we definitely can’t cover the cost, but our small part (equal sacrifice) can help towards the goal. I believe that God wants us to walk into this building debt free – I believe it and kind of expect it.

Here is the dream/thought: I keep thinking and dreaming about someone walking to the altar on Celebration Sunday at the tent service on our property and laying down a check for $6.5 million dollars.

Whoa! That would be stinkin awesome! Can you believe the look on Bryson‘s face when this would happen? Let’s do it! I am sure Bryson (and I) will take that person out to lunch…any takers?