To write like I am LOST

I have never been a LOST fan. Mainly because I was in charge of a kids ministry that had programs on Wednesday night and I was unable to get home in time to catch an episode. Every now and then I would watch some, but I was completely clueless as to what was going on that I could not follow it…until last year….

I do not know what compelled me to watch the season finale last year – but I did….and I got hooked….I really didn’t get pulled in until the last 15 minutes of the show. Since most of you have had the opportunity (if you really cared) to see this episode – I thought I would post it for those that don’t.

Okay, for one, that would have to be my biggest fear when it comes to dying…but I was completely focused on these last few minutes that I wanted to know everything about LOST and I desperately searched for someone to catch me up…and found no one. No one mainly because they were just as confused, or it was too hard to explain.

As I watched this episode again tonight – I remembered the way it left me feeling after watching it. I dug into the internet, tried renting past episodes, everything to figure out what was going on – but still am confused.

To me, that is brilliant editing – much like The Village as a movie. I have always been fascinated with storytellers and work on my skills as a storyteller as much as I can because I think this is an amazing way to communicate. I realized that if I could tell a story, preach the Gospel, or challenge someone in their walk in a way that engages a person making them desperate for more, I have accomplished something huge.


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