I have scrolled to the last page…


As I finish up my review for Tim Steven‘s book today, I thought I would give my quick synopsis overall book review.  I am telling you – YOU HAVE TO GET THIS BOOK!

  • Probably one of the best books ever read for church leaders who are serious about taking great risks to reach people far from God, Pop Goes the Church is definitely a must-have resource for pastors, church staffs, volunteers, and the average person looking to engage their friends in a Christian community.
  • Tim’s writing style is relaxed and conversational and you literally feel like you are across a table soaking in his leadership experience. Every time I had a question about how something could be pulled off, he answered in later pages or chapters. Everything you could want to learn from a church-growth conference, you might just be able to do in this one book.
  • The book was extremely timely for me in my faith journey and church-position, but no matter what your feelings are on the subject of engaging your church in pop-culture, this book is a tremendous read. If you are a skeptic on the subject, your doubts could very well be answered. If you are a supporter to the idea, the flame inside you is truly fueled. Even if you are a non-Christian who thinks church is a waste of time, Tim speaks directly to you.
  • For the six years I have been in ministry, I have had a burning question and passion towards the Church. I have always felt that Jesus would be dissatisfied with churches and how they do ministry. This led me to wonder and explore how Jesus would react and respond in today’s culture. This book truly helps me understand and answer those questions. I can’t believe that everything that burned inside of me was finally written in book form – I cannot wait for this book to be in my hands, and on my shelf, and in my office.
  • I am passionate about one thing in regards to this book – if you are a pastor, a church leader, or a person who just wants to see more happen in your church – you have to get your hands on this book. There have literally only been a few books that I would encourage others to read, and even fewer that I would encourage a non-Christian to read, but honestly – this is a MUST READ.

Oh if I could tell you more about the content I would (due to agreements I cannot), I have a small window of time to fully-complete this review, but as I finish the book – I want you to know how important this book is to the church. Thanks Tim, for writing this book!


One thought on “I have scrolled to the last page…

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