Pop goes our Church!

Being given the opportunity to review Tim Steven‘s book kind of solidifies everything that is going on in my life right now. As many of you know, I recently transitioned into a new job as Innovative Pastor at GracePoint. The job encompasses a ton of stuff. My main role is to implement a program called The Big Idea in the different core groups (children, youth, adults) of the church. It is a program designed to get everyone on the same page learning the same BIG IDEA each week and being able to connect with the entire family. This role then spreads over into leading a team in the design of the Sunday Morning Experience – from the creative elements, the worship, and helping in the sermon design. This then ultimately spreads into graphic design. It is a big job on paper, but actually pretty seamless in process.

Since we are beginning the BIG IDEA with our upcoming UNLEASH series, reading Tim’s book has been very timely in my preparation. I was able to meet with the Elementary Creative Design team. We are excited about some very BIG changes that are getting ready to take place. We realized that we are not reaching our full potential with the creativity and the outrageous amount of kids coming to church each week.

Reading through this book is helping me embrace Popular Culture – even in kids ministry. From movies to music, children are inundated with the pop culture daily. I think instead of removing this element completely from church we are realizing we need to equip our kids to engage it.

Our team has decided in order to fully reach kids with the mission of GracePoint – taking great risks to reach people far from Jesus Christ – we need to revamp our kids ministry to Reach kids, Teach them, and ultimately UNLEASH them to be radical disciples to literally change the world. We are pumped about the future of kids ministry at GracePoint…and I am pumped about the future of the entire ministry of GracePoint – while we are already integrating some pretty innovative concepts in our weekly ministry there is so much more that can happen…POP GOES THE CHURCH!


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