Pop Goes the Church…and more thoughts

  • I have dived in to Tim’s book. It is probably one of the most timely reads in my personal life and for the life of the church. I think this is definitely a catalyst to the transformation of the modern-day church. I want to take my time and soak this stuff up. So far, this is on my list of recommended reading to all church leaders….it is climbing to be what I would call a prerequisite for anyone who wants to start a church…When Tim releases the preorder or when you can start on Amazon.com don’t wait.
  • Something big – OKAY HUGE is getting ready to take place in Wichita. Gracepoint’s dream of being a church for those who hate church is definitely becoming a reality. We have entered into a season of waiting on God and listening to Him. UNLEASH, our capital campaign is getting ready to kick off – but this is the first time I have seen a church decide to look past the building, but focus on what it can do for the community.
  • Owen is getting more teeth – pretty sure he is getting ready to get 4 at once. That is always fun.
  • Saw this linkthis is amazing.
  • I am pumped to get in designing services…Easter is going to be awesome…we should do something like this.
  • Last Sunday Bryson preached the intro of his sermon in a casket…there is no way I would do that…but it was cool. The place was silent…lives were definitely changed.
  • Last night, I had a dream about hamburgers. I love McDonalds and they are going to get a lot of business after this fast…then I get to train for a 1/2 marathon…seriously I am going to run one this year!
  • Anyone watching American Idol? Anyone ready for this show to be over?
  • I think if I got the new macbook – I would brake it. It is very nice – just I have a tendency to break little things – like glasses.
  • Speaking of macbooks – I want this cool color thing for mine. Maybe Orange (in honor of Reggie Joiner and the Orange Conference) but would really want purple (in honor of Seth Godin – the marketing genius).

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