It’s here!

Kind of ironic the way I feel right now…I will explain in a minute. For those of you that know – about 17 months ago, my son came into this world early (like 2 months early). We were definitely not expecting his arrival and had a ton of mixed emotions about what was going on. The one thing that kept us sane was the fact that regardless of the events taking place, Rachel and I were both excited that he was here. Our lives have never been the same.

While comparing the birth of my son to the arrival of a book may be a stretch, I am pumped about the opportunity I have ahead of me with reading Tim’s new book. I am excited, even honored to be able to take part in this. I have been waiting for the arrival of his book for quite some time – ever since he broke the news. I stalked him out on Google earth to just get the chance to receive an early copy of his book from his contest online. Now I am able to be one of the literal firsts to read the book.

This morning the manuscript showed up in my inbox. Currently, it just sits there, and this evening I will be able to begin the reading journey. Knowing that it is there and that tonight I get a chance to read it – gets me pumped. In a small way it is the same excitement I had when Owen, my son, was first born and I was able to go home and spend time with him to get to know him more.Here’s the irony…in announcing the arrival of Tim’s manuscript, I was reminded of an earlier post he had in comparing the finishing of his book to the birth of his children. His comparison was the labor, mine is the arrival. Ha! I will keep you posted on my thoughts…


One thought on “It’s here!

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