One Life to Give

We are getting ready to kick off an awesome series One Life to Give…you will not want to miss this Sunday – it is going to be one of the most unforgettable services in Gracepoint history…guaranteed…and you thought yesterday was awesome…

If you didn’t catch the service, here’s some of the things you missed…
• The house was packed – looks like we might have to open up some more space in the balcony soon – that means we will have space for you and your friends when you invite them this weekend…I promise it is going to be good.
• The band broke out the Secret Agent man and worship was awesome…Jesus Freak with rappers and hip-hop dancers – definitely amazing – we will see about putting up a link to the video soon.
Bryson let us in on the vision of the church and made it known that 2008 is going to be huge for Gracepoint…and for Wichita. Are you ready for God to UNLEASH his presence on this town?
• We got to meet the architects and take a peek at the new building. God put a very talented architect team in place and the team’s vision is right up Gracepoint’s alley.
• Rachel, myself, Brian Jackson and his wife were introduced to the church…we are all very excited to be a part of what is taking place here. Thanks for welcoming us!

Did I mention you will not want to miss Sunday’s service? Hope to see you there!


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