Thursday Thoughts

  • Think the guys at the Orange Bowl could have found a better halftime show than ZZ Top – sorry if you dig the long beard … I think the worship band from Newspring would be pretty cool – especially if they put on a show like their HELL NO series.
  • Owen learned how to spit today. We would take a drink of water and spit it out onto our dog – dad thought it was funny…and mom took his cup away.
  • Was wondering if the security guards at Dillon’s or Target really do anything…anyone know?
  • Have had an amazing first two days at my new job. The team is probably one of the greatest, most dedicated group of people I have ever met. They have made Rachel and I feel like we have been there for a long time. I am pumped at the momentum and anticipation that is building…It’s gonna be awesome.
  • As some of you know, Rachel and I started our Bible Journey this week. I will be posting some of our thoughts here…if you and your wife are not doing something similar – you have to do it…We are learning 100 times more than we ever have through other studies. The cool thing is we are using different translations so we get different perspectives on the same passages.
  • I love loud music…at church…I hate it when your neighbor thinks he needs to use his stereo as surround sound for his house…look man – your car is cool – but turn off your music (or at least down to where I don’t have to listen to it).
  • Gracepoint is entering a season where God is getting ready to UNLEASH something huge…we will be fasting for 3 weeks like Daniel did to show God how serious we are for his presence to be on everything we do…if you are joining us check out Mike’s blog for some other info. If you are not, pray for us. Fasting is hard, but we are dedicated to see God move in this city.
  • Ran across this today…I hear we like billboards around here…ha! Google = innovative.
  • Good post from Church Relevance on the cost of being unremarkable…from the Geek Squad.
  • I have been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am to be married to Rachel. We were best friends for 2-3 years before we started dating in high school, and we never stopped being friends. She is perfect for me and I am just amazed at how each day I fall MORE in love with her.

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