Tuesday Thoughts

•    I start my new job tomorrow…Hopefully I will be able to wake up in time…living a block a way from my work became too convenient for me.

•    Started my Bible journey today – pretty pumped about it…The Bible in Chronological order is going to be stinkin rad!

•    Want to go to the HOW Conference…think it would be amazing…plus it is in Boston. It is probably one of the best for creative designers. It is not a church conference, but makes me wonder how many churches will NOT be represented there. If we are to be just as good if not better than the world in EVERYTHING we do, why aren’t church leaders going to more amazing conferences that the most successful in the world are attending.  And speaking of conferences…this one looks pretty stinkin’ rad.

•    Went to Kohl’s the other night…it was completely trashed and the employees were extremely stressed out. I saw some people going through pairs of jeans and throwing the wrong sizes on the floor. People are just plain disrespectful.

•    I love the snow – mainly throughout the holidays…I am ready for the last snowfall to finally melt. I think I left my hose in my flowerbed and I really need to put it away.

•    My washing machine sucks…really the plumbing does. I have to put a lint trap on the drain pipe because of the lint that gets built up in my plumb lines. After 2-3 loads the washer backs up…I bet the average person didn’t know the washer needs a lint trap.

•    Owen is at the point in his short life that he enjoys TV…not really shows, just commercials … not just any commercials, only the ones that are advertising yard utensils like wheelbarrows, dirt graders, etc. The commercials are long and boring, but it is hard to change the channel when he is so into it.

•    Sent our New Year cards out yesterday. We decided New Year cards instead of Christmas cards, because it is different – next year we will send out Thanksgiving cards.

•    Excited to watch KU Thursday, except I really don’t like FedEX.

•    I started reading Ben Arment’s blog a while back, and today I decided to read the entire blog. I read every post from the day it started to today – I feel like I know him pretty good now, and have learned a wealth of information. This guy has done some amazing things – definitely one to keep watching.


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