Seeya 2007!

HOLY COW! It is the end of 2007 – what an amazing year! Here are some of the memories and highlights from it…

Owen was obviously one of the biggest – to see him grow up, walk, talk, and do things on his own was probably the coolest thing I was ever able to see!

We got a great deal on an awesome car – we bought an 01 Grand Prix with only 17,000 miles on it! 2 ½ months later – the transmission went out but thank God for warranties and we were able to get a new transmission for $50.

We worked our tails off on re-doing our landscaping…we have a great friend who is a landscape artist and did a plan for us. We are pumped about this Spring as we start on the side and back…Talk about Curb Appeal!

We went to Table Rock Lake with some great friends who have a house and a couple of boats…Owen loved it, and it was a much needed break and great vacation.

I decided to go back to school – I have Bible School training but wanted a degree in marketing/communications. Working towards a degree in Strategic Communications from Wichita State but actually at Butler County Community College and might transfer to Friends instead of WSU…who knows.

Rachel and I resigned from Asbury church and will begin a new job at Gracepoint. What a bittersweet transition but we are ready for God’s new season in our lives.

It was definitely a fun year! Now I am ready for 2008.


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