Snowy Saturday (instead of Thursday Thoughts)

• Loved the snow – kind of wish 9 inches would have fallen like predicted, but am content with what I have.
• I am wondering though – with the weather this week – if it means Christmas will be mostly sunny with a high around 50? I hope not.
• There is a specific intersection here that I try to avoid on Saturday – 21st and Maize. Today I didn’t avoid it, and I drove away thinking – there has got to be a better way to manage the chaos!
• I have some pictures from my last night at Asbury – will post them soon – it was definitely bittersweet – but I appreciated all of the kind words from everyone.
• I’ve realized that Rachel has gotten me to eat things I would never have before – pretty cool she has that kind of power over me.
Shrek the Halls was pretty cool the other night – would like to own that holiday classic.
• Owen has realized that the best part of Christmas is un-decorating the Christmas tree – our worst part of Christmas is fixing his mess.
• Owen might have been exposed to Chicken Pox – pray that he doesn’t get it. I don’t care that he does – just not over Christmas!
• We have been looking for someone to watch him after we start our new job…anyone know anyone that they would take their only child to? We are not overprotective – just kinda picky.
• Did anyone see this. I wonder if Google is going to take over the world.


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