Thursday Thoughts

  • Off last week…here goes….
  • Nice to wake up and have to scrape ice off my care window….okay not really….all I could think about was the ice storm a few years back – 7 days with no electricity was absolutely no fun…COME ON SUN!
  • If the electricity goes out, it’s okay – we do not have water at our house right now…waiting on the plumbers to re-pipe it ALL. They were at our house at 9am this morning – we weren’t so they left. No phone call until after they arrived. Most places seem to call when they are leaving their office – not these guys!
  • All I want for Christmas is a house with no problems – yeah right!
  • Last night at church was good – bittersweet – but good. I have one more Camp Asbury left. It is crazy to think about, but it’s coming. I love the kids – but know God is moving us in a whole new direction.
  • Been able to sit down with the Gracepoint team some lately. What an amazing group of people! I am going to fit in pretty good over there, they are hilarious! Also been given a little opportunity to sit in and listen to their dreams and vision for the the church – it’s gonna be awesome.
  • I like graham crackers.
  • Been watching this show on ABC called October Road. It’s a pretty good show – they main characters are my age so it is pretty sureal to think that I am slowly getting older. Watching Friends now, the main characters are my age too.
  • Hung out with a great group of people last night – my volunteers and friends from Asbury. Before our son came along we would all go out to eat every Wednesday night – it is sort of like a reunion. They are so fun to be with.
  • Because we have no water, we have been staying over at my parent’s house. Owen’s pack-n-play is in the room we are sleeping in and at about 3am this morning I opened my eyes and Owen was standing up and staring at me…kind of freaky but kind of cute too.
  • Have a eye doctor appointment today – I am thinking this is when the plumbers will show back up since I will not be home. I am hoping to get some new glasses. Have to fit in!
  • Finishing up my semester – lots to do.

Have a great weekend – pray that we get water on today!


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. brianpjackson says:

    Don’t you just wonder what was running through Owen’s mind? Probably something like “Kinda cute, but freaky.”

  2. jimryanjackson says:

    I went to Gracepoint today (I dropped off a check…On Time! I am getting better at this). I was laughing so hard. The staff was working on Christmas Carol Parody for the Volunteer Bash on Saturday. It sounded like lots of fun!

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