I am changing my name…

As a kid I was strangely fascinated with the name – Jeremy. I really don’t know why. I had no friends who had that name or relatives. I named every dog I had “Germy” (couldn’t say Jeremy), I changed my cabbage patch kid’s name from Nathan to Jeremy (don’t knock the doll man!), and I named every roly-poly I found Jeremy. I was determined that when I grew up, I was going to change my name to Jeremy…I never did.  

Fast forward to now. My favorite person in the Bible is Peter – and I think subconsciously I like him because he was able to change his name. The cool part about the name change is that in the Bible, a name change usually meant a role change. Peter went from an ordinary dude name Simon – to a “rock” that was able to follow his rabbi (thanks – by the way – to Rob Bell, for bringing that whole subject to light for me).  

About a week or so ago, I told my pastor that I felt like God was speaking to my heart. I told him, God was telling me to take a big step of faith – to pretty much walk on water. I told him that I would be resigning as Children’s Pastor. If you know anything about my story getting into Children’s ministry – it is one of faith as well. My wife and I, had figured out God’s plan for our lives and were confident that we were to be in youth ministry and be missionaries. We challenged God for a clear answer – and really did get one. We told God that as long as He continued to bless what we were doing, we would be a part of His Big Picture for our lives. The past five years have been truly amazing. We have seen a kids ministry grow from a few dozen that regularly attended to a few hundred. We have literally seen hundreds of kids give their lives to Jesus. We have seen parents identify Jesus in their kids and want to be devoted followers too. It has been an amazing season.  

I don’t think God is calling me to change my name – only my title. In January I will be joining an amazing team of people at Gracepoint in Wichita. I will not be working with kids on a weekly basis, but will be able to volunteer within the ministry still. I will be able to do something I love.  

I am pumped for God’s future in my life – scared at times, but know God is faithful to carry on the work that he is doing in my life. What an amazing feeling.  

Pray for Rachel and I, as we transition out of kids ministry at Asbury. We will miss the team we work with, the parents, and most of all the kids badly.  

We are so thankful that God is moving in our lives – and how He uses the changes in seasons to show it. Have an awesome Thanksgiving! 


One thought on “I am changing my name…

  1. one8community says:

    Way to go Terry! We are praying for you and Rachel as you begin to walk on water again.

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