Conceptual Thinking

Took some notes a while back at a meeting I attended. Thought I would share with you on working towards Creativity.

  • Creativity has nothing to do with the ARTS. In fact a good definition of creativity should be: Creativity is about doing it right the best way possible.
  • It’s not how good you are…it’s how good you want to be.
  • To be creative you have to be willing to fail. The most successful churches are successful because they are willing to rail more than you are. Failure is essential.
  • You should seek out criticism and not praise. Ask others – where was it boring? Where could I improve it? What don’t you like?
  • In brainstorming sessions – you should look for quantity and not quality. Think of the concept in baseball. You are bound to hit a homerun if you swing at every pitch.
  • Surround yourself with the best – not just learn from the famous.

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