A list to make it easier

Thought I would continue Thursday Thoughts – but I didn’t…So here is a list to get you caught up on my life.

  • Mom went into the hospital late Thursday night for an emergency surgery. Nothing too serious, but it was major enough to allow me only 8 hours of sleep this weekend. Needless to say – I am tired.
  • My son started walking this past week – I mean really walking. It is crazy to watch him grow from just 3 pounds to walking around and talking. I love him more and more each day. He is one of the best things in my life.
  • I got my office at church moved. It was a task, but it is done. Most of my stuff is still in boxes, but at least it is moved.
  • I can’t believe the weather – Thanksgiving is really next week? Does this mean it is going to snow on Easter?
  • I bought some new shoes. Been needing to do that for a long time. They are a nice pair of kicks – casual yet dressy. I also got bullied into buying the best socks I have ever worn from Journey’s. I am so glad I bought them. They are made from Lycra – you should try them.
  • Finished my Christmas list this past weekend. I am so ready to decorate. I am kind of girly when it comes to the holidays…I like to decorate and I went to Christmas in Riverside. We got some pretty tight decorations. You guys are invited over to see them.
  • My neighbor put up his outside decorations today. Not that it is a big deal, but I cringe every time I see them. A few years ago during the bad ice storm that hit Wichita, my house lost power for 7-10 days. Throughout that entire time, my friendly neighbor showed off his electricity by turning on the Griswald light display each night. I was ticked…at least I got new siding, roof, and windows from the hail storm.

Love ya guys! Have a great week!


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