Thursday Thoughts

I have 8 minutes to get this in…

I like to study Jewish customs and traditions – they make me think. Read something the other day that got me thinking…

“Judaism rejects the Christian view that, ‘In Adam’s fall/We sinned all.’ Jews don’t begin life with the mark of Cain or the guilt of original sin. Every morning, religious Jews start their daily prayer service with the following words: ‘My god, the soul you placed within me is pure. You created it, you fashioned it, you breathed it into me.’ It is the very opposite of the belief that people are born to be wicked, that humankind is evil by nature. We being life with a pure soul and a clean slate. God tells us, as He told Adam, ‘I set before you two possibilities…the blessing and the curse. Choose life.'”

Interesting – while I don’t necessarily agree with it all – I want to become more disciplined in declaring thankfulness to God for what He did for me – fashioned me, breathed into me. Wow! The breath of God in me – too much for me to fathom!


One thought on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Joe Skillen says:

    Hey Man

    The passage you put was interesting. I agree with your call to thankfulness.

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