Been one of those days…Here’s the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY.


  • Was able to spend some fun time with my friends. We went to Old Chicago. I really enjoy these guys and they are some of the best guys to work around.
  • Was able to spend some AWESOME time with Owen. We went to Wal-mart. I need contact solution, he needed yogurt. We left with those things, a cool Nascar toy, very cool beanie, and something for his costume next week. He loved being out today.
  • Had some mint mochito (or something like that) ice cream from Braum’s. It is chocolate with mint stuff in it. VERY AWESOME.


  • I think I am getting a cold. Maybe from hanging out with Brian or talking to Jim over Ichat (I get colds easy). THANK GOD for Zicam.
  • I realized that my vacation is over soon. It is been fun, but I will take a few extra days…maybe I can milk this cold thing!
  • I lost a pen that I really like.


  • My new Macbook froze up today.
  • Then I restarted it.
  • Then I saw a nice blinking folder with a question mark…that means “NOT GOOD!”
  • Took it in to CompUSA – cause Haddock said that they couldn’t look at for another 10-14 days. I will be without my mac for a few (up to 14) days.


  • I am going to pray a selfish prayer that APPLE will give me a complimentary version of Leopard. You can pray with me if you would like.

I’m still chewing on what it would be like if Jesus were here today … have some more thoughts that I will share soon.


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