Divine Hanging Out

One of my best friends, Joe, has done a few posts on the towns Jesus preached in – or basically held ministry in. They are awesome posts, and if you get time you should check them out here. It actually stirred me in my thinking about Jesus and his life on Earth. It really made me think of where in Wichita, or any town for that matter, we would find Jesus if he were alive today.

I started on my quest to really look at how Jesus spent his time and really what I have discovered – so far is that Jesus basically hung out – call it “divine” hanging out if you want – but that’s what he did in its basic form.

Here are some of my findings from Jesus’ life:

• He never kept hours or had an office.
• He spent lots of time with his friends.
• He dined with sinners.
• Answered a ton of questions.
• Taught when he could get a crowd or small group of listeners.
• Too special times to pray and for personal retreat.

It seems that much of his time was spent just being among people, and in that context he did what he was sent to do.

I have picked up on a few things and noticed that I have forgotten how important it is to be among people in a way that is friendly, relaxed, or even sometimes intense.

If you had just three years to make a major impact on the world, what would you do? Jesus spent His three years in constant motion, being with people as much as possible, and pulling away as necessary to pray and meditate. He gave special attention to the disciples, but, it was people that Jesus was about.

I will be chewing on this for a while.


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