Vacation – Day 2

This is the second day of my random vacation. “Random” meaning that I usually have plans to go out of town, spend time over the holidays. This vacation – however – was my attempt to make sure I use up what I rightfully deserved. It is actually quite a nice break. So…so far:

  • I have spent some fun time with my son – Owen.
  • Replaced a bathtub fixture. Goodbye “jimmy-rigged” towel thingy.
  • Sprayed WD-40 on my doors. Now my son won’t get up when we get up.
  • Watched Owen walk a ton.
  • Made a big hole in my laundry room wall. Then have started to patch it back up again.
  • Watched Evan Almighty and Transformers – both movies I would own!
  • Ate at Chik-fil-A and am more convinced that that place is God’s way of showing me what Heaven is going to be like.
  • Went on a late-night hunt for my dog that escaped my yard with her tether on…to find that she was laying in my neighbor’s back yard.
  • AND – went to the park with Owen. I freaked out the mother who was there…apparently men do not go to the park during the day!

Well that’s it … so far … tomorrow I am actually going to go in to work for the afternoon and evening for church. Just can’t get a real vacation!


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