What THEY Want!

“This generation will remember what we tell them by how we treat them. They can remember church as boring, dead, long, and full of rules and memorization. Or, they can remember church as fun, exciting, relevant, alive, and real. We all want to go back to that happy place in childhood, that secure place we knew we could count on, to places and people who changed our lives somehow. For kids today that place can be the church!”

I am not interested in the “traditional” approach to ministry – where we site quiet and still while listening to Bible stories and memorizing verses. Kids grow up too fast to think we have time to instill the vision and values that God wants in their life. If we don’t learn new ways to communicate to them our ministry will become irrelevant. There is a huge difference between kids getting the message or memorizing it. We need a new approach in children’s ministry that meets kids where they are and brings them into an intimate relationship with God.


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