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Been one of those days…Here’s the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY.


  • Was able to spend some fun time with my friends. We went to Old Chicago. I really enjoy these guys and they are some of the best guys to work around.
  • Was able to spend some AWESOME time with Owen. We went to Wal-mart. I need contact solution, he needed yogurt. We left with those things, a cool Nascar toy, very cool beanie, and something for his costume next week. He loved being out today.
  • Had some mint mochito (or something like that) ice cream from Braum’s. It is chocolate with mint stuff in it. VERY AWESOME.


  • I think I am getting a cold. Maybe from hanging out with Brian or talking to Jim over Ichat (I get colds easy). THANK GOD for Zicam.
  • I realized that my vacation is over soon. It is been fun, but I will take a few extra days…maybe I can milk this cold thing!
  • I lost a pen that I really like.


  • My new Macbook froze up today.
  • Then I restarted it.
  • Then I saw a nice blinking folder with a question mark…that means “NOT GOOD!”
  • Took it in to CompUSA – cause Haddock said that they couldn’t look at for another 10-14 days. I will be without my mac for a few (up to 14) days.


  • I am going to pray a selfish prayer that APPLE will give me a complimentary version of Leopard. You can pray with me if you would like.

I’m still chewing on what it would be like if Jesus were here today … have some more thoughts that I will share soon.


Divine Hanging Out

One of my best friends, Joe, has done a few posts on the towns Jesus preached in – or basically held ministry in. They are awesome posts, and if you get time you should check them out here. It actually stirred me in my thinking about Jesus and his life on Earth. It really made me think of where in Wichita, or any town for that matter, we would find Jesus if he were alive today.

I started on my quest to really look at how Jesus spent his time and really what I have discovered – so far is that Jesus basically hung out – call it “divine” hanging out if you want – but that’s what he did in its basic form.

Here are some of my findings from Jesus’ life:

• He never kept hours or had an office.
• He spent lots of time with his friends.
• He dined with sinners.
• Answered a ton of questions.
• Taught when he could get a crowd or small group of listeners.
• Too special times to pray and for personal retreat.

It seems that much of his time was spent just being among people, and in that context he did what he was sent to do.

I have picked up on a few things and noticed that I have forgotten how important it is to be among people in a way that is friendly, relaxed, or even sometimes intense.

If you had just three years to make a major impact on the world, what would you do? Jesus spent His three years in constant motion, being with people as much as possible, and pulling away as necessary to pray and meditate. He gave special attention to the disciples, but, it was people that Jesus was about.

I will be chewing on this for a while.


Why is it so hard to stay at work after vacation…hmmm…

Vacation – Day 2

This is the second day of my random vacation. “Random” meaning that I usually have plans to go out of town, spend time over the holidays. This vacation – however – was my attempt to make sure I use up what I rightfully deserved. It is actually quite a nice break. So…so far:

  • I have spent some fun time with my son – Owen.
  • Replaced a bathtub fixture. Goodbye “jimmy-rigged” towel thingy.
  • Sprayed WD-40 on my doors. Now my son won’t get up when we get up.
  • Watched Owen walk a ton.
  • Made a big hole in my laundry room wall. Then have started to patch it back up again.
  • Watched Evan Almighty and Transformers – both movies I would own!
  • Ate at Chik-fil-A and am more convinced that that place is God’s way of showing me what Heaven is going to be like.
  • Went on a late-night hunt for my dog that escaped my yard with her tether on…to find that she was laying in my neighbor’s back yard.
  • AND – went to the park with Owen. I freaked out the mother who was there…apparently men do not go to the park during the day!

Well that’s it … so far … tomorrow I am actually going to go in to work for the afternoon and evening for church. Just can’t get a real vacation!

What THEY Want!

“This generation will remember what we tell them by how we treat them. They can remember church as boring, dead, long, and full of rules and memorization. Or, they can remember church as fun, exciting, relevant, alive, and real. We all want to go back to that happy place in childhood, that secure place we knew we could count on, to places and people who changed our lives somehow. For kids today that place can be the church!”

I am not interested in the “traditional” approach to ministry – where we site quiet and still while listening to Bible stories and memorizing verses. Kids grow up too fast to think we have time to instill the vision and values that God wants in their life. If we don’t learn new ways to communicate to them our ministry will become irrelevant. There is a huge difference between kids getting the message or memorizing it. We need a new approach in children’s ministry that meets kids where they are and brings them into an intimate relationship with God.

STICK it to em!

I’ve just finished one of the best books that I have ever read. It wasn’t a devotion, it wasn’t on any New Book shelf it was a find that I saw on many of the other blogs that I follow.  The book? Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, written by brothers Chip and Dan Heath. The book tells us how to make our ideas sticky – or how do you make a lasting impression. Here’s my notes from this book: Continue reading

For the smart people

Just ran across this… It has actually come in handy in my coursework for school. I guess it is for smart people who want to do searches on the net!

Speaking of Teamwork

I think this took teamwork on the part of the spiders. Wonder what the church could do if we worked together like this? It is said that wind and rain has destroyed this a few times but they get back up and do it again. Crazy.

transferring stuff

I have had so much online articles, blogs, etc. and this blog was created to kind of bring it all together. Over the course of the next few days, I will bring over some of the best of the best in my world to give a little more content to the blog.

My new hero…Perry Noble

I have been following this guy, Perry Noble, for a long time. By following – I really just mean listening to his sermons online from his church NewSpring in South Carolina. It is a really cool church, very innovative, and is a fast growing church. I have always hated the numbers game, although it really resembles if the church is doing something right. Well this week, he gave an amazing sermon on the importance of children’s ministry in church. Seriously – many pastors will never darken the pulpit with an entire sermon on Children’s Ministry – but Perry understood the importance. If you want your church to grow – you have to invest in your children!

If you get a chance listen to the sermon!

Thanks Perry! You are my hero!